Exhibition at the town hall

Hi guys!

Last friday with Agathe we went to Lille’s town hall. There are some free exhibitons there. First we saw an exhibition maded by 26 local artists. It will stay at this palce from 8.12.09 to 23.12.09. There were a lot of works of art very diferent from each other. We could see painting, sculptures, draws, photography.

But the most interesting was few meters further. I am talking about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ‘s exhibition. You will see it until saturday, the 19th of december.There will be conference, debate, movies, shows, theatre, exhibitions.

This exhibition existe to celebrate the 61st birthday of the universal declaration of human rights. I will tell you about the “muraille des droits humains en Chine”. The subject was “Tienanmen, denial of memory”. There were articles and newspaper on a wall about the 4.06.89 when demonstrators for democracy were attacked in Pekin by policemen. You can read artcile about the contexte: when Hu Yaobang, the secretary-general of comunism political party, died in april 89, there were manifestations. But policemen repressed demonstrators and about a hundred or a thousand persones were killed.

There were also articles about China today and liberty of expression, summary executions, 68 crime which can be punish by death, worker’s rights and minority oppressed (like Tibet).

You should go to see, we learn a lot of things!



~ by agathe02 on December 15, 2009.

One Response to “Exhibition at the town hall”

  1. Hey Soizic,
    Sorry it’s a bit late; I didn’t really have time to read all the blogs during the holidays.
    Interesting that there was an exhibition about Tiananmen in Lille!
    remember: “people” = the plural of “person”
    Hope you had a good holiday 🙂

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