Hi everybody!

Last saturday i have discovered a new place (it have opened in july 09) which seems to be very interesting! This L’EXPO- café gallerie, the first kind of place in Lille. You can find it next the grand place and the rue Natinale, i give you the ardess: 79 rue de l’hôpital militaire.This is in the gallery quarter.

There is various spaces in l’expo: one for exhibitions, another one for working group and the last one for a librairy. You will enjoy it because it’s welcomming, and you can see works of art fair minded, accessible, contemporary or abstract. The most attractive is that you can take a drink and sit on the enormous sofa! There is a lot variety of tee and fruit juice, and you can also take cakes which are made here.

You can participate at the working group when meeting are organised with artists local or of all over the world.

L’Expo is for people passionate, amateur or just curious! The persons who are working here are so kind!!! They take time to explain you what you want to know.

At this moment you will see Youcef Adjadj’s works of art, there are very colourful! Next friday there will be a preview at 8.30 pm about Kosomi “matière et transe”. You can see the way i am talking on myspace.



~ by agathe02 on November 26, 2009.

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  1. Nice to write from the library 😀

  2. Thanks for the info Soizic, it sounds interesting! Is there really a giant couch? How big is it??

    Remember in English to put your adjectives before your nouns!
    “People” – plural of person

  3. I Have to try the couch and the drinks!!! More seriously, it seems pretty interesting! I shall go and have a look at this exhibition!

  4. The couch is as long as the place! you must try it! Soizic

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