Some work of art details about Nouveaux monstres!

« Nouveaux Monstres »

There were something like fiveteen works of art.

One of the most interesting was “Scénocosme”, created by Anais met den Ancxt, a student in design, and Gregory Lasserre, who has a master in multimedia. It’s an interactive garden with musical plants which react to our movement. When we touch one of them, we can heard a little music. There is a different music for each plant.

One strange work of art was “Historical machines”. Bill Vorn, who use robotic, imagined machines like big spiders. The robot can detect your presence and move when your are too near, but you have to respect a distance which is 50 cm, because the machine’s movements are quiet fast and could be dangerous if you stay too nearly.

A creation was specially fun for children. It was created in Suisse by François Chalet, a graphist. Children can take a sit in a monster head to watch cartoons. It’s like if they were themselves the monster. The monster is the one who scare us but, with this work of art, we can see with the monster’s eyes and the frontier between us and him will disappear.

Mia Makila, who participated in Lowbrow Art European movement, paint her demons and nightmares to make them disappear, in a creation named “Lowbrow and horror art“. This one was terrifying. Two models were exposed, it was dark, scary. She created monsters, blood, animal’s head in the top of sticks, earthworms.

I will intent to show you photos of each work of art in another post! Soizic


~ by agathe02 on November 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Some work of art details about Nouveaux monstres!”

  1. Hahaha !!!
    Sometimes I have weird ideas … When I read that you have to respect a distance of 50 cm, because the machine’s movements could be dangerous, I instantaneously thought about go there with somebody you don’t like and don’t tell it to him…vlammmmmmm !!! Ok I know, I’m crazy .

  2. hahaha i only just read your comment Manon. unfortunately I think it was quite obvious that the machines were moving, and were made of metal 😦
    I can’t believe how long ago it feels since this exhibition was open! it was good fun.

    p.s. Soizic: “fiveteen”?! use a spell checker next time please!

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